Minors may not travel alone on long distance buses

According to Resolution 43 – E/2016 the Ministry of Transport published in the Official Gazette, children can not travel alone on long distance buses from 31 August this.

From this date, in order to prevent trafficking and abduction of minors will be mandatory: Travel authorizations long distance buses to transport children who have not reached 18 year old, and verification of the identity of the passengers and their companions. The documentation is enabled: DNI of parents or legal guardians; marriage certificate with the birth of the child seated; birth certificate; birth certificate; certificate of nationality; passport; court testimony of adoption or other public document attesting link; signed by a notary public or judicial authorization resolution.

Passengers under 6 years of age may travel accompanied by at least one legal representative or by an authorized third party. In the case of children and young girls between 6 Y 12 years inclusive may travel under the above mentioned arrangements and also use the service unaccompanied minor that transport companies may offer. Instead adolescents between 13 Y 17 years of age may travel alone but with parental consent or authorization of his legal representative.

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