Travel around Argentina: requirements by province (October 2021)


From the Buenos Aires Tourist Ombudsman's Office we share the requirements that the Argentine Airports page 2000 compiled for all travelers and tourists traveling around the country: 

–    Tourism Certificate
Autonomous City of Buenos Aires:
–    It does not ask for any requirements, although if you arrive from a neighboring country to both Ezeiza and Aeroparque, You must perform the antigen test and submit an Affidavit required by the National Directorate of Migration:
–    It does not ask for any requirements.
– Provincial permit "Chaco Passport". To obtain it, it is necessary to register and manage it.
–    Tourism Certificate.
–    Caring application.
–    Submit reservation or accommodation address in the province.
–     Social work coverage or Covid19 insurance.
–    Tourism Certificate and Caring APP.
–    It is recommended to arrive in the province with accommodation reservation.
–    Tourism Certificate
–    Upon entering the province, a sanitary control is carried out, you must sign an affidavit and sign a consent to the protocol. You must also perform a PCR test with a negative result.
–    Tourism Certificate. An epidemiological telephone follow-up is carried out.
–    Provincial certificate that is managed locally.
–    Tourism Certificate.
–    Negative Covid19 certificate. Except for children under 18 years, vaccinated people (presenting the vaccination certificate) and people who have been discharged, presenting the certificate.
–    It is not necessary to present a negative PCR test to enter the province. .
–    Circular Tourism Certificate, that you can download in: 
It is advisable to process it with 72 hours in advance of the trip start date; approval usually takes between 3 hs a 72 hs.
–    Tourism Certificate.
–    It is necessary to download the Digital Missions app to perform the COVID-19 symptom self-assessment, which serves as an Affidavit
–    Optional Tourism Certificate.
–    Social work coverage or Covid19 insurance.
–    It is necessary to download the RN Circulation app and 24 hours before the trip, complete the Affidavit of Health
–    Tourism Certificate
–    Tourism Certificate
–    Tourism Certificate
–    Negative Covid19 certificate.
–    Tourism Certificate.
–    Circulation permit.
–    Negative Covid19 certificate, 72 hours in advance.
–    If you enter from the northern provinces (Catamarca, The Rioja, Tucuman, Jujuy and Salta), a sworn statement must be completed online from the SICOIN system.
–    If you arrive from the rest of the country, in addition to completing the sworn statement online from the SICOIN system, It is necessary to present negative PCR for up to 72 hours maximum after it has been carried out.
–    Tourism Certificate.
–    Travel Assistance Insurance with coverage of contingencies related to COVID-19 or with the Welfare Projects with outreach coverage in the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands.
–     Have a reservation of the tourist accommodation enabled.
–    Tourism Certificate
–    If you arrive from abroad you have to carry out a PCR test and isolate yourself by 10 days.