The Ombudsman Alejandro Love and Assistant Ombudsman Jose Palmiotti -held by the Tourist Ombudsman- this evening signed a cooperation agreement with Eduardo Aguirre Awad and Alvaro Martin, President and General Secretary of the Bar Association of Capital Federal, to establish inter-agency cooperation and assistance in the area of ​​tourism in the city.

An initiative to protect tourists visiting the city

The document states that the two organizations will work together to make efforts to carry forward the promotion of the Tourist Ombudsman.

At the same time, the Ombudsman will conduct a training aimed at lawyers regarding the area of ​​tourism, to ensure assistance, support and protection of the rights and guarantees of tourists, with special consideration in the group of children, and adolescents visiting the city.

The actions that will be set forth in:

-technical and operational assistance for teaching courses, seminars and trainings.
-Promotion of the rights and guarantees of tourists.
-Activities linked to the exercise of Responsible Tourism, accessible tourism and environmental sustainability.
-Generation collaborative networks and liaison offices between the two organizations.
-Disclosure by the Bar Association in its website activities and projects of interest to lawyers enrolled.


Fuente:  Defender News