Australian tourist who was stabbed returned home prior to quarantine

Terrence Bulmer, de 65 years, He had been attacked at the Faculty of Law and was saved by a miracle.

Australian tourist Terrence Bulmer, de 65 years, He remained under pharmacological coma and ventilated for nearly three weeks.To save your life, Fernandez hospital doctors had to perform an intense but effective work with which they succeeded. The man could evolve and completed his rehabilitation in a private clinic. After being discharged, He managed to return to Australia days before President Alberto Fernandez decreed quarantine in our country for Pandemic coronavirus that affects the world. During his recovery was visited by the head of city government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and deputy chief Diego Santilli and thanked the Ombudsman for the tourist for their help and collaboration.

It is recalled that Bulmer was on vacation last January in the City with his wife and a couple of friends before a cruise to Antarctica thought making. In the early hours of the morning 18 January he decided to leave for Palermo to exercise physical, circumstance that was gawking at the Faculty of Law by a criminal who wanted to steal and failing to realize its mission caused a stab wound in the heart.

Staff porteña Australian police found lying on the ground and quickly was transferred to the hospital Fernandez, where doctors managed to save his life despite the seriousness of the table presented.

Definitely, Bulmer had suffered stab wounds to the heart.

Doctors managed to contain the urgency, They kept alive the tourist when the chances of survival seemed remote and began the long process of recovery. Bulmer be subjected to a pharmacological coma in which remain for at least two weeks the.

In the meantime the uncertainty of recovery, porteña security forces deployed an operation to find those responsible for the attack. A) Yes, at the end of five days of the fact, the City Police had already arrested three suspects: two brothers 20 Y 21 years and a third man, whose age was not disclosed.

Amid the process of wound healing heart, Bulmer suffered a picture of pneumonia which also had to be treated with a mechanical respirator.

In early February, Terrence Bulmer left the pharmacological coma, He did not need more ventilation and headed toward the ultimate recovery from his wounds. Meanwhile his wife was contained and received help from the Buenos Aires Government, the Ombudsman tourist dependent of the People's Defender and the Embassy of Australia.

El 12 de febrero, Fernández was able to leave the hospital and was transferred to a private rehabilitation clinic in the neighborhood of Belgrano, because at first I could not even walk. During that stage was visited by Rodriguez Larreta and Santilli. Also it sent its appreciation to the Defender of the People's Deputy, Carlos Palmiotti, and his team in charge of the Tourist Ombudsman , as well as staff of the Hospital Fernandez and City Police.

El 22 de febrero, Clinic officials decided that Bulmer could be discharged. Days later it would move with his wife to Ezeiza airport to take a flight back to your country.

Fuente: Urban News