Tourist Ombudsman launches Tucuman, the third in the country

Tourists, and all citizens within a given destination, They have rights and may need help from organizations and institutions within the framework of a journey made within their country or abroad.
Cases of lost luggage, unsafe situations or problems within hotels or providers are some of the points that may trigger the use of resources to solve these conflicts peacefully and as quickly as possible for tourists to enjoy your stay.

With this momentum as the axis, the owner of Ente Tucumán Turismo, Sebastian Giobellina, participated this morning an agreement signed by the Ombudsman of Tucuman, Fernando Juri Shall; the Deputy Ombudsman of the Ombudsman of CABA, Carlos Palmiotti; President of the Chamber of Tourism of Tucumán, Hector Viñuales; and the Undersecretary of the Directorate of Internal Trade, Pablo Gerardo Zeitune. Motivation agreement was accurate: create a special office for tourists at the Ombudsman.

"This decision makes us proud. four years ago, We arrived to Tucumán 750 thousand annual visitors and 2016 We reached a peak 2 millions. That volume of people do need to have an office in the Ombudsman that serves all kinds of problems of tourist nature ", Giobellina said after signing.

The Tucuman is the third tourist office will open in the country, and joins the City of Buenos Aires and Cordoba, that already have this dependence on their Defensorías. "This is exceptional because the tourist who comes will feel much more content on any problems that exist in the provision of a service, what can happen in any province and the world. Surely this tool will be for the welfare of all our visitors ", He foresaw the official Tourism.

Since the Ombudsman, Juri Debbo welcomed the signing of the agreement that meets the State, institutions and local entrepreneurship. "The slogan of Tucuman is 'Tucumán is your destiny', from the Ombudsman and we want to contribute and create an office of the Defensor del Turista. While it is true that we attended with some cases Internal Trade, we want to show the tourist visiting Tucuman who will have East, defend him and help solve problems from the moment you step tucumano ground until he retires ", said the ombudsman.

Tucumana headquarters will support the Ombudsman's CABA, so it was present during the signing Carlos Palmiotti. "This is a figure that was created to give tourists containment, a group that always generated foreign exchange for our cities, so we feel the need to provide an extra containment ", said the Buenos Aires defender. "These are people who come from other places, which it is found in places you do not know, sometimes with other languages, and eventualities that usually happen are related to transportation or hotel services ", He explained the benchmark Buenos Aires.

The decision to collaborate with the case tucumano, Palmiotti said it is "a province with great tourism potential. It has three fundamental resources: natural, the hospitality of all the people of Tucuman and the history of the province that is the history of Argentina. We seek to generate a healthy ecosystem and accompaniment for tourists ", exposed.

Tourism industry as generating employment

From the Chamber of Tourism, Viñuales said that in recent years the industry without chimneys underwent a strong paradigm shift, which he provoked the emergence of such measures. "We went from being mere recreational activity to become an economic activity. This speaks to the amount of labor and generate wealth. In difficult times like now tourism is a fast access key to employment. I think it was necessary to analyze this edge and recognize all the problems that can occur at any tourist in any tourist site. This is a quality seal for Destination Tucuman ", said the businessman.