The victim was a man 66 years walking in San Telmo looking at a map on your cell phone. The offender, a Uruguayan of 35 years has a history of "aggravated by the bond and resistance to authority injury". Here, the video of his arrest.

In yesterday afternoon, City Police caught in a criminal Uruguayan Constitution that he had stolen a cell to a German tourist in the San Telmo neighborhood.

The victim turned out to be a man of 66 years, who ran the old San Telmo looking at a map on the phone when he was approached by the thief. He arrived in the country earlier this month, and today traveled to Montevideo, and he planned to return to Buenos Aires at the weekend.

The robbery occurred at the corner of Cochabamba and Chacabuco. There, a taxi driver saw the thief, After struggling with tourist, He boarded a black Chevrolet Prisma, which was then checked his property- and he left the loot raudo.

The driver who witnessed the robbery began to follow the car, and on the way, at the sight of an officer of the City Police, He is given notice. Staff Street Neighborhood Police Station 1E boarded the taxi to the Chacabuco 1300, and they chased the Prisma while I gave notice mobile radio to the sectional are added together to encircle the attacker's car.

The arrest occurred after a brief chase, when the offender was intercepted in Garay and Lima This avenue, just meters from the Plaza Constitución station.

Once a detainee, officers proceeded to make, witnesses by, requisitioning of the vehicle, and they found the stolen phone and a knife.

As for the offender, a Uruguayan of 35 years he owned Argentine document, the Prosecutor for Criminal and Correctional 26, by Dr. Patricio Lugones, flagrante delicto proceedings and ordered his arrest.

The thief had a history. El 30 October 2018 He was sentenced to six months in prison for aggravated assault by the bond and resistance to authority, They are according to judicial sources. The sorrow, to being less than three years, I was on hold.

Produced for the fact yesterday, Article 164 It provides for a penalty ranging from one month to six years. Today will be investigated in the summer fiscalía.Este happened other crimes against tourists. El 20 January at 7 in the morning, Terence Bulmer, An Australian 67 years, He was stabbed by a man who struck him up to his chest while doing physical activity in the vicinity of the Faculty of Law. He underwent surgery at the Hospital Fernández and spent several days in intensive care boarding.

He received assistance from the team for the Defense of the Tourist City. Investigating the case went to the Functional Unit Instruction No. 12 Capital Federal, by Martin Lopez Perrando, and the cause caratuló for "theft and damage". Three men were arrested for the attack.

In mid December, a British tourist 50 years died after being shot in the lung with his son, de 28, at the door of the Faena hotel in Puerto Madero full light of day. Derived Argerich hospital, He died shortly after arriving.