Work of the Tourist Ombudsman during the Pandemic # Covid-19

The impact generated in the national and international system by the effects of the Covid-19 virus pandemic generated an endless number of situations, problems and confusions that resulted in multiple inquiries from neighbors and tourists to the Buenos Aires Tourist Office.

The problems caused by the closure of the country's borders led to a wide variety of consultations, advice requests, information and help from Argentines stranded outside the country, foreign tourists stranded in our country, people with problems related to cancellations and returns, City residents stranded outside their residence, among others.
In that sense, the actions resolved by the Tourist Ombudsman's team to date were:
–        Offer information, guidance and assistance in collaboration with the Psychological Containment Area of ​​the Ombudsman's Office for those stranded abroad.
–        Report on repatriation schedules for Argentines stranded abroad.
–        Collaborate and guide residents of the City on the reporting methodology for tourists who did not comply with the mandatory asylum.
–        Inform and assist so that residents of the City of legal age who vacationed in the interior of the country, they can return to their home with the collaboration of other Tourist Ombudsmen of the country.
–        Advise on airline claims and / or refunds, travel agencies and hotels.
–        Advise on the subject of student tourism 2020.

By virtue of what happened, The agency's specialists produced two informative and analytical documents as a fundamental basis when answering queries.. These contain information necessary to advise Argentines who cannot return to the country due to the closure of borders and require state assistance.. Likewise, these reports describe the events from a human rights perspective; The regulations issued in relation to the pandemic in our country and the conflict it generates with fundamental rights are analyzed.; the right of movement and residence present in international human rights treaties are specified; and elaborates on the term Right of Return codified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and contemplated in the American Convention on Human Rights.