Working to improve tourist safety in the city


Among the actions that the City of Buenos Aires is developing within the framework of the working group convened to work for Tourist Safety in the City, Tourist porteña the Public Defender conducted ten training body for prevention agents currently covers Footpaths in major tourist areas of our city.

trainings, carried out jointly with the Association of Tourist Guides of Buenos Aires (AGUITBA), Association of Travel Agencies of Buenos Aires (AVIABUE) and Ente City Tourism, They aimed to introduce the agents in the tourist destination specific thematic Buenos Aires.

Recognizing the importance of the activity has for the economy of the city, profiles were identified tourists, its characteristics and potential lawsuits or inquiries on public roads, the main areas of transit and the dangers that can be viewed exposed. On this point the role was highlighted that for 13 years has been fulfilling the Tourist Ombudsman caring,guiding and advising tourists, when you have some problems and acting to solve problems during their stay.

Prevention Agents who will work in the Footpaths have this way with the basic tourism knowledge and major tourist assistance tools, They are enabling them to provide information and meet the requirements that any tourist in the city can present them or sue.

Tourist porteña the Public Defender then fulfills its mission of defending the rights of all tourists that visit our city, whether domestic or foreign, not only acting directly from the cases received in each of its offices, but also coordinating with other state agencies and the private sector to contribute in building a safer destination and more sustainable activity.