Working meeting of the Tourist Ombudsman and the Uruguayan Consulate in Argentina

Members of the Executive Direction of Tourist Rights met with representatives of the Consulate of Uruguay in Argentina. They were meeting with the Director of Driving and her team: the Consul General, Jose Luis Curbelo, the District Consul in Gualeguaychú (Between rivers) ,Pablo Gorosito; the District Consul in Córdoba, Oscar Piñeyro; the District Consul in Concordia (Between rivers), Ignacio Capandeguy; the General Rosario District Consul (that includes Salta, Tucumán and Jujuy),Marisa Faccio; by the Consulate of Uruguay in Buenos Aires,Sophia Grilli and Ignacio Guido and the district consul in Rosario, Marcela López Hammer.

They discussed the work carried out by the Driving itself for more than ten years and its joint work with the rest of the Tourist Defenders of the country regarding the protection of tourist rights. Likewise, lines of work were established around the theme of accessible tourism and the protection of girls' rights, children and adolescents and travel and tourism., It was proposed to establish fluid communication in the presence of Uruguayan citizens in Argentina for the next vacation.