Matías Lammens meeting between the Ombudsman and the Deputy Ombudsman, Carlos Palmiotti.

The Deputy Ombudsman, Dr. Carlos Antonio Palmiotti and his team for the Defense of the Economy met today with the Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, Matías Lammens, for the formal presentation of the work of the institution within the area of ​​the city and to the rest of the country.

The meeting focused on the role that the Ombudsman of the Economy within the porteña Pueblo Ombudsman and the tourism sector both nationally and internationally, as an affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization (Since 2011), ensuring the full protection of the rights of tourists who visit us and neighbors as potential tourists.

During the meeting, the need was agreed that the Ombudsman of the tourist part of the Federal Tourism Council (CFT) as a starting point for achieving national protection of the rights of tourists and notarize the figure of the Ombudmsan of the tourist in the country. The CFT has
interjurisdictional projects intended to define, uniting the provinces in the design and consolidation of sustainable tourism policies and strengthen the link between official tourism bodies to ensure benefits to the tourist and exchange experiences to improve tourism activities. In Argentina, Fourth quarter, San Juan, Tucuman, Bariloche, Buenos Aires province, Mar de Plata and Posadas already have their Ombudsman's Economy.

On the other hand, from the experience of the Ombudsman tourist in the Youth Olympic Games in 2018, the Ministry of Tourism was made available to incorporate the institution in the organizing committee of the America's Cup to be held in Argentina and Colombia.

Finally, the possibility of incorporating the Ministry in the workshops that will be held during the year with representatives of Embassies and Consulates where issues related dialogue with tourism are raised.

They also participated in the meeting, Dra. Cintia Bruno, Driving Executive Director of the Tourist Rights; Dra. Florence Dadic and Sabrina Salter of the team for the Defense of the Tourist Porteña.

Both institutions will continue working together to address the various issues that are projected in the Plan of Action of Tourism and Sports 2019-2023 Defender of the Tourist.