Tourist conflict resolution 72 hours.


The Tourist Ombudsman today signed an internal agreement with the Mediation Council, Conciliation and Arbitration of the Ombudsman of the City of Buenos Aires, in order to give the tourist an express conflict resolution procedure. Through the agreement, all problems related to tourism and, for temporary reasons they can not expect the common deadlines, They will be managed within a maximum seventy-two business hours.


The agreement was signed by Dr. Carlos Palmiotti, Deputy Ombudsman of the Ombudsman of CABA, and Dr.. Cintia Bruno, Driving Executive Director of the Tourist Rights, Dra. Nora Cattaneo and Dr. Gustavo Murano, Director and Coordinator of Mediation Council, Reconciliation and Arbitration respectively.



Mediation and conciliation court procedures are adequate to guide tourist disputes with suppliers in the destination, resolving conflict situations during their stay through a tool, informal, free and confidential.


To achieve such efficiency, the Ombudsman of the tourist and the Council for Conciliation and Arbitration strengthen communication networks to spread, promote and bring this procedure to tourists.


Through this agreement it tries to prioritize immediacy and rapid resolution of conflicts tourists, so that they can be solved within the period of their stay and enhance their travel experience in the City.