Every year in our country travel approximately 120 Y 130 thousand guys who make up the lists of graduates trips, mostly to Bariloche-. After the first 72 hours bankruptcy Snow Travel Company which endangered the trip over 9 thousand students across the country, the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation (Mintur) Monday afternoon He confirmed that Snow Travel Travel hired for 2018 Bariloche will be made through the trust fund which feeds the zero quota- and that student travel agencies tourism are for this purpose.

In addition confirmed that the Mintur Bariloche contingent left pending Snow Travel will be reassigned to other agencies, and among the six selected to take charge of the new operations of the trips will include: Maxdream, Upgrade, new Chevallier, arrow Bus, Baxtter y Travel Rock.


While, Firedamp SA and SAS Alliance, companies in charge of the clubs By pass, Grisel, Genux, Rocket and the Brain -that make up the local night tours- They have committed to provide all the services the company Snow Travel has sold for the season 2018.

On the other hand, It has been discharged empowerment as student tourism agency Snow Travel, This implies that the company may continue to operate the trips that had committed this week, but you can no longer sell new trips.

Santiago Aramburu, right lawyer tourism, he said to Infobae : “The current system is designed precisely so that no one is helpless before a problem with a travel agency. From the 2007, the zero quota system and implementing the trust fund closes each contract settled, I must say that in our country there called “factor 2009”, since there was a test case and worked well: It was the bankruptcy of the tourism agency To imagine, which left nearly five thousand children without graduation trip and that could be traced precisely through the application of existing law. Then, It upgrades the agency was taking the quotas victims”.

Aramburu stressed, “for the system to operate in the Snow Travel case it is important to establish a tripartism between the Ministry of Tourism as supervisory authority, Nation trusts SA which is administering the trust fund and tourism agencies, mostly grouped in the FAEVYT, the Argentina Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism”.

The Mintur is in charge of issuing the order to trust Nation SA to release the funds and thus enable a group of agencies -avaladas by Mintur - to manage the trips that have been pending for now.

new players

Infobae He communicated with some of the selected for conditions in which students travel companies affected. Marcelo Caorsi, Chevallier operating manager, He spoke about the situation in the sector. “We are facing a worrying picture: in recent years values ​​have increased travel a lot and have also fallen sales. While we have observed that every time fewer students traveling to Bariloche, It is no longer common for the entire division trip”.

Nestor Denoya, vicepresidente de EMPROTUR, the -estatal private joint Ente - Bariloche Tourism Promotion, and ATEBA, Student Association Bariloche Tourism, said that “all the guys who paid their trip to Snow Travel will travel” and that “Bariloche will make a great effort to meet”. Said Denoya “Transfers will be covered by bus or plane, It is according to what has been agreed, hotel, full board, medical services and day trips to Cerro Catedral, Circuito Chico and other more than they are managing”.

Messages on social networks and expressions of fear and concern contingent victims still add. change.org also it launched in collecting signatures for “Snow that kids have the trip Travel graduates who paid”, where until the end of this note and they had come together 62.493 firms.

Infobae He also contacted the Ombudswoman of the City of Bariloche, Beatriz Oñate, who confirmed that students who hired Snow Travel and currently in Bariloche “They have guaranteed his return”. “I want to bring peace to the parents of the boys, who they learned of the problem with the company in the graduation trip, They are getting all the services and return to their cities as had been scheduled”.

Given the situation that triggered the bankruptcy of Snow Travel, Ombudsmen throughout the country, nucleated at the Association of Ombudsmen of Argentina (ADPRA), They reported that are available to schools and parents of students to receive complaints from those affected and refer them to the National Travel Agency of the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation.

While, Snow Travel this afternoon issued a statement on its website on asking “Apologies loyally” and they say “the company is physically unable to continue providing timely fully contracted services for passengers.

Alarm signals

El Deputy Ombudsman of the Province of Buenos Aires, Walter Hammer It was categorical with Snow Travel Company, “He had been showing various alarm lights, which they were not adequately addressed”. The governing body announced the launch of a campaign to, before hiring, parents can view the current net worth of the companies. Most victims are students of the Province of Buenos Aires.


Martello wondered something that resonates in all conversations between the affected families: “How is it that no regulatory agency took action and warned of what could happen?, How is it possible that the company stopped operating only since the communication of bankruptcy by their owners?“.

what you need to know

More than ever before signing the contract parents should be aware of the provisions of the national law 26.208, passed in 2006, and resolution 23 of the year 2014.

Zero fee. The authorized agency has a deposit in a trust that ensures the journey to a breach of contract. That's why it pays 6% the value of the package trip. If the agency does not meet this requirement may be sanctioned with fines, suspension and cancellation to the national certificate. If payment does the agency, We must demand proof.

Qualification. Student travel agencies must be enabled as such by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation and have the corresponding certificate. There is more 300 throughout the country and the list is available on the official website of the ministry.

Contract model. It is available on the website of Tourism for these cases corresponds the contract “organizing graduate with presale”. You should include all data hosting, transport (date of departure and return), gastronomy, safe day and excursions.

Payments. In general, companies freeze the fare at the time of recruitment (if abroad often provide a mix of securities in pesos and dollars) and is paid up in 18 fixed installments through coupon books and, in some cases, pay channel online. We must pay attention to the interest charged in case of late payment of the first and second maturity.

insurance. The company has to report data hiring insurance should cover all travel risks: liability, personal accidents, medical and pharmaceutical care, and traveler assistance services.

Departure date. The agency can not sell trips to the date of exit 31 of January of 2020 (two years after the year of application).

hospitality. The company must offer, at least, three choices of hotel with maximum capacity 4 passengers per room and separated by gender modules.

More questions in the air

The issues now on the table leaves Snow Travel case are mainly two: how the organization will be implemented with new travel agencies that will absorb the outstanding travel ; and given that the trust fund replenished only the basics of contracts, how you will handle each group of victims complementary services, most already he paid and chose to design each trip .

For specialized lawyer Aramburu Snow before the case is not bad rethink the system: “after 11 years may have to make an adjustment system. If you are currently charged by the 6% in each contract, and only used to deal with exceptional cases like this,  Should continue to collect the 6% and why is not that money is invested-in the meantime- to boost the tourism industry? For something this system does not exist elsewhere in the world, I would review it unless”.

More information

-Still available 0800-555-0016 the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation. And the two dedicated phone lines for complaints and inquiries on this subject: 4953-2208 Y 4952-6056.
-Tourist Ombudsman of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires:  4338-5581, Monday through Friday 10 a 19, and the 4307- 5102, Monday through Sunday 10 a 18.

-To sign the petition Change.org :   change.org/snowtravel

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