Protocols for Beaches and Spas.


We present the protocols to have to comply with on your vacation for this summer in beaches and spas:

  •  The municipalities will establish the necessary mechanisms for people to dispose of their personal belongings (towels, lounge chairs and others) and remain on the public beach respecting the established interpersonal security distancing.
  • Spas should promote the management of reservations and payments electronically, establishing control measures for visitors prior to entering the spa and determining differentiated entry and exit spaces to minimize queues and avoid crowding.
  • A registration of visitors will be made detailing the name and surname, ID or passport number, place of residence or accommodation and contact number in order to apply the COVID-19 sanitary protocol in case of contagion.
  • When the visitor leaves and then wishes to re-enter the spa, hands should be sanitized prior to admission.
  • Both on the beach and in lagoon spas, rivers and streams,  the municipalities themselves will have to regulate the entry of people to avoid saturations, monitor compliance with social distancing and enforce the prohibition of group sports or recreational activities "in which the preventive distance of two meters between people cannot be guaranteed".
  • Some localities will have inspectors to avoid large crowds.