Consumer Protection Program Tourist

The Tourist Ombudsman and the Ombudsman's Foreign porteña People and the National Consumer Protection launched the initiative, which aims to strengthen, educate, guide and protect the rights of consumers and users of goods and services tourists through a concrete defense tool for those we visit.
The agreement was signed by Dr. Alejandro Love, Defensor del Pueblo Buenos Aires, Mr. José Palmiotti, Defensor del Turista and Abroad, and Dr. Fernando Blanco Mill, head of the National Directorate of Consumer Protection, and will facilitate consumer access tourist, if you have a problem, alternative means of conflict resolution proposed under the Act 24.240 Consumer Advocate.
The main objective of the agreement is to solve one of the major drawbacks of tourists, which is the lack of promptness in resolving their problems while tourism. The intention is that conflicts posed is resolved in less than 72 hours through arbitration tribunals that will work in the direction especially in cases of tourists.
To make it, various actions are proposed as:
• Coordinate actions efficiency tourist consumer protection.
• Optimize processes and procedures in the field.
• Implement policies aimed at strengthening consumer local consumer rights.
• To promote joint actions with the business sector.
The Tourist Ombudsman and Foreign refer cases that can not be resolved from its usual working methods or through the Arbitration Center of the Ombudsman.
They were present at the presentation representatives of Buquebus, Embassy Salvador, the Argentina Union for the Defense of Consumer, Hotel Association, restaurants, Confectioneries and Cafes, Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, Association Proconsumer, Free Consumers Association, Catholic University Argentina, Procinsumer Association for the protection of consumers MERCOSUR,consul – consumer Alert, civil association, Argentina Chamber of Tourism, the Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism Buenos Aires, Professional Forum of Tourism and the Tourism Association sponsor, hotels and gastronomy of Argentina.
Presentation to the Consumer Protection Program Tourist

Sr.José Palmiotti, Defensor del Turista and Abroad, and Dr. Fernando Blanco Mill, head of the National Directorate of Consumer Protection.

The joint work between the two institutions seeks to benefit the approximately 10 million tourists coming to the city each year and the improvement of the tourism industry (sixth in importance in creating added value within the scope of the City).