Presentation of Passport to your rights Argentine-American

On the occasion of the celebration of4 of July the Public Defender's porteña Tourist accompanied the US Embassy in Argentina during its celebration in #AmericanNight.

The event held at the American Club the3 of July It was attended by the US ambassador in Argentina, Edward Prado, Consul Robert Neus and Dr.. Cintia Bruno, Driving Executive Director of the Tourist Rights.

This open celebration for all Argentines interested in the United States and Americans who live or are momentarily in the city was an opportunity to make the presentation of your passport Rights.

This publication in Spanish and English was made jointly by both institutions and detailing all the information that US citizens tourist or visitor status required upon arrival.

Copies will be distributed in printed or digital version at the US Embassy in Argentina, at the offices of the Tourist Ombudsman and attached to the mailing that the Embassy has with US citizens who visit the city.