Pre-trip Plan 2021, we tell you how it will work

According to Law No. 27,563 on the Sustainability and Productive Reactivation of Tourist Activity and its recent regulations (by means of the Decree 795/2020 published in the Official Gazette of the National Government), a series of measures were established to revive local tourism in order to alleviate the economic impact, social and productive occurred as a result of the paralysis of tourist activity due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In consecuense, Through this law, the Internal Tourism Reactivation Plan is created in order to sustain and promote employment, and promote the recovery of tourist activity by stimulating demand. In that sense, The “Pre-trip Program” was made official, which will grant strong incentives for those who buy tourist services in advance for next year.

Then, The regulations will be detailed through the following questionnaire:

What is the Pre-trip?

It is a tourist presale program that provides benefits to travel and enjoy the services (gastronomy, hospitality, transfers, regional products, among others) of all destinations in Argentina during the 2021.


What are the benefits?

For every purchase made up to 31/12/2020 in travel agencies, air and land tickets to travel through Argentina in 2021, you will receive a credit equivalent to 50% of those purchases to spend in the entire Argentine tourism sector. Nevertheless, if you want to travel in January or February 2021 only purchases made up to 31/10/2020.


Who can access credit?

Any natural person can obtain the benefit through their CUIT or CUIL, that is greater than 18 years, that has an address in the Argentine Republic and that complies with all the identity verification steps that are required.


Are all tourism providers enrolled in the program?

No, not everyone is part of the program. To know the list, you must access the following link: . If the provider is not registered, the proof of purchase cannot be loaded.

How can you access credit?

To access it, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Register validating the identity to "My Argentina" (through the website: or the mobile app).
  2. Create the trip profile providing all the information about it.
  3. Associate the vouchers of advance purchases in travel agencies, accommodation, air or land transport. They may be invoices B, C, air ticket and / or passage ticket in case of land transport. They must be loaded within a period of up to 30 days counting from the receipt date.

(In case of other tourist services, vouchers can be uploaded without having to be associated with a trip).

Up to how many purchases can I carry?

There is no limit for quantity of purchases, but each invoice must have an amount greater than or equal to $1.000. The benefit to be redeemed will be enabled when the advance purchases add up to an amount greater than or equal to $10.000 enter one or more vouchers.

Is there a maximum amount per person or family?

The benefit has a maximum total amount of $100.000 and a minimum amount of $5.000 per person. Advance purchases at travel agencies, accommodation, cabotage air and land transport will generate up to $100.000 profit. All other tourist services will generate up to $5.000 accumulated between all of them. These limits are per person. Thus, In a family group, all members older than 18 years, as long as the vouchers are in your name.

Will invoices be validated even if they were paid in installments?

Yes. Purchases that have been paid for in installments - even with the Now program 12- will be credited for the full amount. Depending on the date on which the trip takes place, The refund can be received even before the client finishes paying the fees.

How is credit received?

The credit will be delivered through a BNA + Electronic Wallet. To use it, It is necessary to download the mobile application and register with the DNI. At the time of payment in the attached store, the QR code provided by the seller must be scanned and the amount will be debited from the credit granted. Accreditation may take up to 15 days.

When will that credit be available?

It may be used from the date of the trip to provide the service until the 31/12/2021. If the person returns from the trip and still has credit available, You can spend it in the tourism sector of your city or any part of the country.

For more information, You can enter the official website of the Pre-trip Program or call the phone 0810-555-6100. As well, before consultations or advice, You can contact the Tourist Ombudsman through all communication channels, ya sea al mail ( or social networks (such as Facebook and Twitter @def_turista).