Requirements to Travel and Enter Argentina as a Tourist

Within the framework of the provisions of the DNU 814/2020 posted yesterday, that enables the entry by tourism of natives and foreigners living in neighboring countries from the 00 Friday hours 30 October, the National Directorate of Migration (DNM), dependent on the Ministry of the Interior, reports that he arranged to enable two ways for this purpose: the Ezeiza International Airport and the Buquebús maritime terminal, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

This DNU does not modify the entry conditions of Argentines and residents in the country who may continue to do so by air, maritime or through the five land posts currently enabled.

According to the official resolution, foreigners entering the national territory must present at the time of doing the immigration process: an Electronic Affidavit, that will have to be completed unfailingly within the 48 hours prior to boarding (In this link) , a negative PCR test and COVID health insurance.

In the case of Argentines and Argentines who enter the country under the same conditions as foreigners from neighboring countries, that is, through Ezeiza or the Buquebús terminal, may choose to carry out a PCR test or mandatory quarantine, while at border crossings the quarantine of 14 days.

In the case of foreigners, must meet without exception the three requirements, and otherwise they will be prevented from entering Argentina.

All those foreigners who enter the country will be covered by the provisions of the Administrative Decision (GIVES) Cabinet Headquarters that regulates tourism activity.

While, The airlines and the river transport company that operate in the transit of foreigners must demand compliance with the measures established prior to the embarkation of the people. If it is not done correctly, the application of fines will be plausible.

The mandatory health security measures in force in all entries to the country, consistent in social distancing, temperature measurement, use of chinstraps, in others, are still in full force.

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