Ley contra la discriminación

Article 1.- This Act aims: a) ensure and promote the full force of the principle of equality and non-discrimination, with a view to ensuring the effective exercise of the rights of all individuals and groups of people. b) prevent discrimination in all its forms, through the implementation and development of inclusive public policies and affirmative action to promote equal opportunities and promote respect for diversity and the inherent dignity of every human being. c) punish and redress discriminatory acts, ensuring access to justice and creating suitable conditions to eradicate discrimination, xenophobia and racism. The provisions of this Act are public.

Thus begins the new Law against discrimination, under No. 5.261, It was published in the Official Gazette of the City this 10 of June.
On the eve of the 435 th anniversary of the Second Foundation of the City, and the day set for the recognition of all its inhabitants, Participatory Neighbor Day, the executive complied with the advertising of the Law, enacted by the Legislature of the City 9 of April, and it was automatically passed on 8 May 2015.
Logo No Discrimination
The law, recognized as one of the most advanced in the field internationally, It shows the amplitude of pretexts, especially those who seem explicit, hiding or foster discriminatory acts. Broadening the scope of national law, discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity are incorporated, but also exercised with respect to the elderly or people with disabilities, setting procedures for reporting and investigation of discriminatory acts, procedural safeguards, as the reversal of the burden of proof, and legitimacy of organizations to denounce and promote civil or criminal actions.
The Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Buenos Aires executive is the enforcement authority, you should check your regulation in a timely manner so that this fundamental rule for coexistence useful to the aims pursued. Until, the Ombudsman welcomes residents and tourists find themselves in this new law an effective tool for the defense and guarantee of the rights protected by our Constitution.
Text complete: http://boletinoficial.buenosaires.gob.ar/documentos/boletines/2015/06/20150610.pdf

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