About the Network of Ciclovías and Bicycle Paths of the City

Together with the promotion of the use of bicycles and the Public Bicycle Transport System in the City of Buenos Aires, the Network of Protected Cycleways and Bicycle Paths, already reached the 267 km. This is a fundamental pillar for the growth of bicycle use to be exponential.. Already all the Communes and 43 of the 48 Neighborhoods of the City have this infrastructure designed to provide road safety to the hundreds of cyclists who move through Buenos Aires every day. End of 2023 the goal is to reach one million daily trips by bike and 300 km of bike lanes. The design of the Network of Protected Cycleways and Bicycle Paths favors connectivity to the central area and the Transshipment Centers, as well as those points that concentrate a high number of jobs and students. Its extension is planned in conjunction with the locations of the Ecobici stations so that residents who choose the free public system move safely through the streets of Buenos Aires.