Snow bankruptcy Alumni Travel: trial to negotiate 6.000 kids have paid the trip and not one basic

The company would have a debt 160 millions of pesos. And the cost of other outstanding travel round 100 millions. An effort to appeal to vendors to solve the problem. Order of the Ombudsman.

By this time a group of businessmen and officials from Bariloche and Rio Black is negotiating with local suppliers rapidly and the Ministry of Tourism for the national 6.000 students who had hired her graduation trip with Snow Travel can receive the same service for which they paid and not an option “Basic” as it was made known at the beginning. Además, the Ombudsman warned that intercede in the conflict.

The scenario is not easy. According could find Clarion, the company maintains an unpaid debt hotels, discos, catering and related tours all season 2018 that would be about 160 millions of pesos. Also it drags bills from the 2017 with some of its suppliers.

According to market data, the total gross cost of services for the next 6.000 guys to come, between August and September to Bariloche, would be about 100 millions of pesos. This figure should be tackled in part with the resources of the call “Zero fee”, which it is a kind of insurance against this type of financial crises.

The remaining would be absorbed by suppliers. So far they passed through the city 4.000 Boys, implying an operative of a 60 millions. Snow Travel would not have paid that sum and it is unclear what will happen to the million-dollar debt or the ballast last year.

In Bariloche want minimize collateral damage so the authorities of the Chamber of Tourism convened local entrepreneurs for all “make an effort” and the boys spend a vacation as they were promised. “We want students to have what they paid and everyone is going to put something to happen”, business source indicated high.

So far it was agreed that students will travel the same number of days and will have the traditional service hotels 3 Y 4 stars and various daily meals. They are being negotiated passes for evening out the discs and concreteness four to five trips, two of the most popular activities packages.

It has not been confirmed what will happen to the groups began to pay for their travel 2019 Y 2020. “Let's solve this first year and continue with the rest”, He said a source in Buenos Aires is meeting with national officials of the Ministry of Tourism. The company would have kept travel arrangements for the next two years more 10 thousand students. Some would have paid six installments, He is according to reports. The value of travel 2019 cost more than 50 A thousand pesos.

In the last hours, además, another actor joined. The Ombudsman announced that intercede in the conflict. For now, He resolved to request information from the Ministry of Tourism to verify whether the company met all of the requirements of national law student tourism. The initiative also involved José Palmiotti, defender of tourists in the City.

Also from the Ombudsman they urged the Ministry of Tourism to give effect to the mandatory compensation paid in insurance “zero quota” payment and put free legal advice available to families affected.

“The Ombudsman is obliged to take complaints of family and disadvantaged students in anticipation of celebrating their graduation trip and the possibility that this celebration is canceled or postponed. This situation must be resolved within the Ministry of Tourism, enterprise and even of Justice, in the event that the firm had some degree of complication”, said Alejandro Love, Ombudsman of the City. The body has a specific website for student tourism: