The Tourist Ombudsman meeting with the AHT in order to work together for the arrival of tourists to the City

The Buenos Aires Tourist Ombudsman met yesterday with representatives of the Association of Tourism Hotels of the Argentine Republic (AHT Argentina) under the virtual modality in order to expose the functions of the institution that protects rights.

Roberto Brizuela participated, vice president of AHT Argentina; your coordinator in Buenos Aires, Luciana Bartolomé; Cintia Bruno, Director of the Executive Management of Tourist Rights; and the legal and tourism advisers of the Buenos Aires Tourist Ombudsman Susana Ayala, Mercedes Adrogué and Giselle Negri.

The AHT represents the most important hotels in the country and supports the interests of the hotel and tourism sector together with the public and private sectors, to strengthen the competitiveness of its associates and respond to their needs. In this crisis product of the COVID19 pandemic, they are committed to supporting the tourism sector in everything they need. In this frame, Both Cintia Bruno and her team from the Tourist Ombudsman made themselves available to the association to collaborate with the hotels in everything that their preparation will mean for the reopening of tourism in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the entry of tourists into the city.

The director of the Executive Direction of Tourist Rights of the Buenos Aires Ombudsman's Office spoke about the functions of the organization and its activities, emphasizing the importance of being connected with each hotel so that they can turn to the Tourist Ombudsman's Office in case of need.. In the second part of the virtual meeting, each one of the themes that the institution works was studied in depth: tourism and health, accessible tourism, responsable tourism, sustainable tourism, young tourism, sports tourism and protection of children, and adolescents in travel and tourism. Once again, The Tourist Ombudsman reinforced the need for joint work between the different actors, both public and private, for better assistance, attention and containment to tourists visiting the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.