The Ombudsman's porteña tourist participated in the 8th Regional Meeting of Tourism Students

The meeting welcomed students and tourism stakeholders from different regions of the country 25 al 27 April Miguelete Campus of the Universidad Nacional de San Martín.

The Regional Meeting of Tourism Students (IS A) It was an area of ​​the National Association of Tourism Students, which core students from more than twenty universities and institutes in the country. With the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism as a reference, ESRD events 2019 They did focus on the following topics: tourism as a beneficial activity for communities; equality and inclusion; tourism, sexuality and treats; and conscious tourism marketing.

He also discussed the improvement of the / as researchers / young people as key to strengthening research in tourism and improve the quality of content requirement.

They attended by state officials and officials of institutions linked to tourism and research, in addition to entrepreneurs, teachers and students.

La Dra. Silvina Bacchiega, legal adviser to the Public Defender's porteña Tourist, formed part 27 April the expert panel that addressed: tRAFFICKING, SEXUALITY AND CHILD PROTECTION IN TOURISM. OUR RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES AS PROFESSIONALS. Specifically it spreads on: Protecting the rights of children and adolescents from the perspective of tourism; Addressing children and adolescents in their relationship to tourism; Experience the Tourist Ombudsman of the City of Buenos Aires; legislation applied; National code of conduct for the protection of the rights of girls, children and adolescents in travel and passenger cars and the importance of creating protocols and networking.