The Ombudsman's porteña tourist at the Consulate of Spain in Buenos Aires

The meeting of the Deputy Consul of Spain Jorge A. Alvarez Noval with the Director of the Executive Driving tourist rights of the Public Defender's porteña Pueblo, Dra. Cintia Bruno held the 25 September 2019 on the occasion of promoting joint activities that contribute to the recognition and presence of the institution in the Spanish tourists visiting the City.

During the conversation, the parties charted the next steps for the development of relations between the two institutions and have agreed to work together to advance the creation of a Passport to Your Rights (as it was done with the Embassy of the United States).

On the other hand, the Dr.Jorge A. Alvarez Noval,He emphasized the scope of the consular function and the need to promote working links, through mutual cooperation and participation in all matters be mutually interest such as the rights and guarantees of Spaniards who visit us.

By last, It stipulated incorporate the link of the Tourist Ombudsman on the website of the consulate.