The Tourist Ombudsman together with the Association of Tourism Hotels of the Argentine Republic will work together for the prompt recovery of tourism activity

The Buenos Aires Tourist Ombudsman met, el 27 of August, together with the new authorities of the Association of Tourism Hotels of the Argentine Republic (AHT) to project how the way forward will be to promote the reactivation of the tourism sector and begin to outline the “new normal” and post-pandemic tourism. Without a doubt, The unprecedented impact of the Coronavirus on the tourism industry requires the cooperation and joint work of all.

Roberto Brizuela participated in the meeting, vice president of the AHT; Luciana Bartolomé, coordinator of the AHT Buenos Aires; Daniela Finocchiaro, representing Greener Hotels; The doctor. Carlos A. Palmiotti, Deputy Ombudsman; Dra. Cintia Bruno, Director of the Executive Direction of the Rights of the Tourist; and Giselle Negri, of the Ombudsman team also.

Both institutions jointly analyzed the current and future execution of the protocol for the opening of non-tourist accommodation approved by the Tourism Board of the City of Buenos Aires.

On the other hand, The authorities of the Tourist Ombudsman's Office discussed the cases that were received tending to conflicts with hotel reservations made in times of a pandemic and the responses provided to those affected. Thus, all meeting participants agreed on the need to create new contracting modalities, between them, the flexibility of reserves, and the obligation to contract travel insurance. As well, there was a dialogue on the Law of Regulatory Simplification approved by the Buenos Aires Legislature, more specifically the repeal of the Sanitary Book.

Finally, It was agreed that the Tourist Ombudsman would provide virtual training for all AHT members, on the work of the organization and its experience in the face of conflicts that arise between tourists and hoteliers.