The Tourist Ombudsman and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires meet to prepare for the arrival of international students.

The Tourist Ombudsman of the City of Buenos Aires met last Tuesday virtually with the Undersecretary of International and Institutional Relations of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Study BA, with the aim of working together on the arrival of foreign students in the next year, and make known all the functions and scope of the body.

Mauro Guevara attended the meeting, manager of Study BA, Solange Marqués, Maria Guadalupe Merlo Bechech, Head of Design and Communication Study BA, Dra. Cintia Bruno, Driving Executive Director of the Tourist Rights, and the advisers on rights and tourism, Dra. Florence Dadic and Tec. Giselle Negri.

The meeting agreed on the future participation of the Tourist Ombudsman's Office in the informative talks developed by Study BA, to take place in January 2021 to welcome future foreign students, and provide useful and necessary information for their arrival in the City.

On the other hand, it was established to work together the development of printed and digital dissemination material, to be included in the welcome kit delivered to students. As well, The Study BA website will be updated with the direct contact details of the Buenos Aires Tourist Office, so that it is visible and within everyone's reach in the event of any eventuality during your stay in the City.

Study Buenos Aires is a program of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, designed to position itself as the Ibero-American capital for international students. It consists of talks aimed at exchange university students who come to the city, who are in a state of greater vulnerability. Thus, we work to accompany, to integrate, promote and attract local and international talent, improving the student experience and promoting the city and educational institutions abroad.