The Tourist Ombudsman and S.O.S Foundation. Children with the children to be good tourist hosts in CABA


Under the agreement signed with Fundación S.O.S. Childish, the Public Defender's tourist CABA yesterday a talk at the Benito Quinquela Martin Museum, aimed at children and adolescents in the neighborhood of La Boca on concepts and knowledge about the care of tourist space.

Near 30 niños, and adolescents in social vulnerability conditions South of the City of Buenos Aires, some families and volunteers of the Foundation attended the event, which it was conducted in order to encourage kids to be tourism hosts your neighborhood and internalize the importance of tourism for the city.


Education is critical for community development. Thus, we worked on the identity of the neighborhood of La Boca, his story, the equity and the importance of tourism as an engine of development of the local economy and creates jobs. For that, a presentation was made from a broad perspective on the use of public spaces, tourist reference points, care environment, cultural heritage and identity of the neighborhood.


Además, the Deputy Ombudsman and Ombudsman Tourist, José Palmiotti, He told about his professional and personal experience, and anecdotes of his life in the neighborhood of La Boca. As well, Museum Director, Victor Fernandez, He took the floor and emphasized the importance of education and care in the neighborhood. At the end, a recreational activity was performed, where children could draw what they liked and identified their neighborhood, and a snack is shared among all participants.