The Ombudsman tourist in the French Consulate in Buenos Aires

Executive Director Rights Driving the Economy, Dra. Cintia Bruno and his team met with the Consul General of France in Buenos Aires, Julien Bouchard; Deputy Consul, Catherine Peck y Natacha Paulin, social assistant of the consulate, in the morning of 4 December in Buenos Aires.

The meeting was open and productive. During the meeting, both teams discussed a variety of topics of interest to both institutions. The French Consulate maintains a lasting relationship with the Public Defender of the Tourist porteña based on deep and important common values: hospitality and respect for rights.

The desire of both teams is to promote joint activities that contribute to the recognition and presence of the institution in the French tourists visiting the City. In this frame, it stipulated advance the creation of a Passport to Your Rights (as it performed with the Embassy of the United States and Italy) during the 2020.

On the other hand, Executive team Rights Driving the Economy formally invited the French authorities to participate in a dialogue to be held with all consular representatives in the City of Buenos Aires.