The Defender of the Tourist in Costa Rica Consulate

Executive Director Rights Driving the Economy, Dra. Cintia Bruno and his team met in the afternoon of the 4 December in Buenos Aires with Adriana Romero Bagnarello, Consul General of Costa Rica in Argentina with the aim of presenting the Ombudsman of the Tourist porteña to the diplomatic representative to explain its operation, mark the guidelines in tourism and protection of the rights of tourists. Thus, they discussed the daily work, The objectives in this new management and future projection of the institution.

Bagnarello Romero was interested in the body as he explained that although Costa Rica is a small country, about eleven thousand Costa Ricans arrive annually to the country as tourists. For that reason, It was agreed to establish a link more direct and shared ideas to work together.

Likewise, worth mentioning that the consul Argentina stressed the good administration, compared to other countries where it was diplomatic representative, and above all the agility and the work of agencies such as the Defense of the Economy