The Ombudsman's host Tourist in the International Tourism Fair

The Tourist Ombudsman of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires called human rights organizations and ombudsmen of Argentina to sign the instrument of accession to the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children, And Adolescents in Travel and Tourism in the framework of its participation in the International Tourism Fair which way to like every year.

The Ombudsman's porteña Tourist headed by Mr.. José Palmiotti, Deputy Ombudsman and defender of the tourist city hosted the event which took place the day 30 CAME October in the auditorium of the Rural Fairgrounds where it carried out one of the busiest tourism fairs in the region and was attended by numerous representatives of the tourism industry and human rights.

At 12 noon to begin the act,representatives of the Ministry of Tourism of Argentina gave an introduction on the contents of this act and the importance of dissemination within agencies in the tourism sector and human rights as well as celebrated the work that the Public Defender's porteña Tourist has been doing this issue since 2009 who joined the Code of Conduct as a permanent member.

Then it proceeded to formally sign its accession each institution. By the Ombudsman of the Province of Buenos Aires signed the Deputy Ombudsman, Sr. Walter Domingo Martello; by the Ombudsman de Bariloche, Dra. Beatriz Oñate; by the Ombudsman of the City of Villa Carlos Paz Deputy Ombudsman, Sr. Rudi Jose Enrique Trossero and on behalf of all those Ombudsmen of Argentina that could not be signed to present Dr.. Rocío Fernández, Ombudswoman of Escobar and General Secretary of the Association of Ombudsman of Argentina.

Likewise, They participated in this act and expressed their support formally: Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism of the Nation, Dr. Leonardo Szuchet, Mr. Francisco Cuenca, Mayor of Granada; Mr. Aldo Elias, president of the Argentina Chamber of Tourism; and Mr. Manuel Novo, on behalf of the Federation of Commerce and Industry of the City of Buenos Aires.

From this agreement these institutions are formally committed to the implementation of all that concerns the national code of conduct for the protection of children s and adolescents in travel and tourism. The Code of Conduct is an instrument of voluntary adherence to regulatory criteria for companies, agencies and tourism professionals actively cooperate in the defense of the rights of children s and adolescents, from corporate social responsibility policies. Today 80 institutions hinged together, of which the Tourist Ombudsman has an important role,  generate different advocacy and promotion.” It is essential that the tourism sector take this responsibility to work to prevent this type of problem ", who in turn they highlighted the potential of tourism to achieving the Millennium Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.