The Tourist Ombudsman to are 2×4.


The Tourist Ombudsman of the City of Buenos Aires participated in the World Tango Buenos Aires 2019, a new edition presented by the Ministry of Culture of CABA. The aim was to advise contestants, viewers, tourists and passers-by about their rights as tourists and spread the daily work of the Agency.


For that, a stand of the Defender's tourist information material was installed on the second floor of the Usina del Arte, where they were held the semifinals of the World Tango last weekend, and specialized personnel toured the site to have more and better broadcast range.


That way, City residents and tourists attended, mostly foreigners, who consulted on the work of the Tourist Ombudsman and collected brochures with contact numbers for any eventuality. At the end, that elapsed between Tuesday and Wednesday at Luna Park, agents Tourist Ombudsman distributed information and material to viewers.


The Dance World Cup competition is the tanguera greater international significance. This event is a great opportunity to enjoy or discover the genre that captivates thousands of followers, and it was declared intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.


In this competition two categories are evaluated: Tango and Stage Tango Track (formerly Hall). While, in general, more foreigners are registered in the category Stage, this year many of them also chose to compete in the two.


Thus, in the early qualifying rounds involving more than 700 pairs 31 countries: Argentina, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Korea, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, U.S, Philippines, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, UK, Russia, among others. They competed in the semifinals 112 Track and couples Tango 45 in the Stage Tango.


This competence is developed in the context of the Tango Festival which began on 8 of August, where they could enjoy various free activities to celebrate the music that identifies the City.