The Defender of the Tourist in the Consulate of Paraguay

 The Defender of the Tourist met with representatives of the Consulate of Paraguay in Buenos Aires on Wednesday 5 February and participated in the meeting on consular representative ABG. Juan Alberto Guzman, executive director of rights driving tourists, Dra. Cintia Bruno and the team of the Tourist Ombudsman's Dra.Florencia Dadic and Cindy Barnoin.
This meeting came following a first meeting at the end of 2019 with the authorities of the embassy of Paraguay, Minister Lourdes Espinola Wiexell and cultural attaché Rodolfo Serafini.
First, He unveiled the role of the Ombudsman of the Economy of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires as a self-governing body and control. all themes that work in the institution and its operation is explained in terms of daily tasks related to the care of the tourists were mentioned. Secondly, It was discussed Ombudsmen Network in Argentina with the aim of creating a link with the various consular offices that Paraguay has throughout the country.
Secondly, the purpose of the meeting was to create a direct link between the two organizations in order to provide better and faster responses to situations that require tourists / Paraguayan citizens who are in the City of Buenos Aires.
Finally, the dissemination of the Ombudsman Turista agreed in networks and web consulate and a document will be drawn together on all the information that tourists and Paraguayan citizens on condition of tourist or visitor need the reach Buenos Aires.
Meanwhile the consulate pledged to participate in our upcoming workshops with other embassies, consulates and organizations linked to tourism.
Over the coming months we will work on the elaboration of an international convention for the creation of an Ombudsman tourist in Paraguay.