The Defense of the People signed the Framework Convention on Institutional Cooperation and collaboration with the Airport Security Police


The Ombudsman Dr Pueblo. Alejandro Love; the Defender of the People's Deputy, The doctor. Carlos Antonio Palmiotti and the National Director of the Airport Security Police; Dr. Alejandro Izcovich Griot signed on the day of the date this agreement in order to strengthen the protection of tourists visiting the City of Buenos Aires and provide a channel for those Argentine tourists traveling to the exterior and / or interior of the country and need advice.

I act as coordinators for the implementation of this agreement Dr.. Carlos Antonio Palmiotti and Mr.. Carlos Sottini.  

The signatory institutions stipulated, inter alia, implement actions to disseminate the Ombudsman of the Tourist porteña within the major points of access to area airports Aeroparque Jorge Newbery and Ezeiza International Airport Ministro Pistarini.

9 from December