The AFIP modified the general system of baggage for passengers entering the country.

The Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP) decided to modify the rules governing the procedures of luggage residents traveling abroad. This was released today by General Resolution 3991-E published today in the Official Gazette:

As detailed in the resolution, passengers should take the following steps to return to the country:

1-“The passenger to remove their luggage should be directed to the area next revision to the output to formalize, in all cases, the declaration thereof by filing Form OM-2087 / G3 or OM-2087 / G4 before the service aduanero.Dichos forms must be provided by transport companies. The passenger shall be included in the aforementioned forms whether or not goods acquired abroad and whether they exceed the franchise as appropriate neighboring country or extrazone”.

2-Who have goods to declare in excess of the franchise: “It should go to the track identified as' have to declare’ in which the customs service will verify such goods”.

3-Whoever does not have goods to declare or not exceeding the franchise: “It should go to the track identified as 'not have to declare', in which your luggage will be selectively reviewed by scanner”.

4-“For all cases affected personnel to customs control, You may order the physical verification of passengers and their luggage, “depending on the risk profiles developed by the General Sub-direction of Customs Control, than displayed in the scanner or suspects when they RESULTING”.

5-In the course revealed that the traveler expects unaccompanied baggage: “the passport will be seized by the customs service. Not presenting it prove necessary, the demonstration referred to baggage must be in writing”.

The AFIP points out that “be determined that the traveler has goods purchased abroad which exceed the franchise without declaring in the respective forms, the Customs Service shall draw up a certificate, hijack such property and initiate the appropriate complaint. The aforementioned record shall be tilled in a room provided for that purpose, procedure that will be in charge of the operating head of the point or whoever is appointed”.

For more information: Official bulletin