The Public Defender's Office and the Ombudsman porteña Pueblo de Jujuy signed an institutional cooperation agreement for the creation of a Tourist Ombudsman in the province.

The agreement was signed by the Ombudsman Alejandro Love, the Defensor del Turista CABA, José Palmiotti, and Dr. Cesáreo Javier Felipe Bedia, Ombudsman of Jujuy. "We continue adding in Argentina agreements with the Ombudsmen ADPRA members Pueblo expanding and consolidating the Network Economy", Palmiotti said.

This cooperation agreement and interagency collaboration for the creation, commissioning and operation of the Tourist Ombudsman in the Ombudsman of Jujuy, is the result of work done between the two institutions, and it aims to develop the activities necessary for the implementation of the body, which is primarily intended to protect the rights and guarantees of both domestic and foreign tourists arriving at the provincial soil, and protect and solve different cases where the tourist is harmed. Thus, It expands and consolidates Ombudsmen Network Economy of Argentina.

The governor of the province of Jujuy, Gerardo Ruben Morales, previously he met in his office with officials from the Public Defender's porteña Tourist, with the aim of agreeing and lay the foundation of the framework agreement for technical cooperation and collaboration between the Ombudsman of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Ombudsman of Jujuy.  Allí, the authorities talked about the daily work of agencies and the importance of working together to protect and advise tourists, and create synergy, maximize, strengthen and promote tourism.

As for signing the agreement, The ceremony was chaired by the deputy governor, Carlos Guillermo Haquim, and he attended Dr. Javier De Bedia, Ombudsman of the Province, accompanied by the attached defenders, Pablo and Pedro Espinoza Zurueta; Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Province, Federico Posadas; Secretary of Tourism Management, Sergio Chacon; Tourist Ombudsman and the Deputy Ombudsman of the Ombudsman of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, José Palmiotti and Ombudsmen responsible for Interior, Daniel Minbielle, , among other authorities.

During the ceremony, José Palmiotti emphasized: "We all know what is a tourist for any city. One factor is helping the provincial or regional economy, and end the scourge of unemployment, there are fewer homeless people on the street ".

Likewise, He said that for the first time the Government has emphasized that the economy is the number one consumer has the Argentina Republic and stressed that the province of Jujuy has the potential to be one of the most visited.  "Signing this agreement, It has our full support until the last day ", he concluded.

Meanwhile, Posadas Minister thanked the Tourist Ombudsman of the City of Buenos Aires overturn his experience in a district that is highly developed in tourist and cultural terms in their province; and he acknowledged that they have "a lot to learn, since tourism has no roof in Jujuy, because it has everything to grow ".


Finally, said Minister agree to strengthen all the links of tourism: "We say that tourists who visit us want to avoid problems and this is one way to do, help them resolve conflicts, contain, take care, advise, and this is complemented by the launch of the Tourist Police ".