José Palmiotti not con Son Reunion, Giubergia and Scholz.


The Tourist Ombudsman and Deputy Ombudsman of the City of Buenos Aires held a meeting with the senator Mario Fiad, the director of the National Agency of Communications, Miguel Angel Giubergia, and Secretary of International Relations of the block of national deputies of the UCR, Mario Scholz, with the aim of promoting the appointment of the Ombudsman's Office and the creation of the National Tourist Ombudsman.

Palmiotti stressed that the creation of a National Tourist Ombudsman will expand constitutional guarantees and protection of the rights to that social group in the context of strengthening active policies to boost tourism as a factor of economic and cultural development of the country. Likewise, the Defensor del Turista, which has already signed a cooperation agreement with the government of Jujuy- It coincided with the Fiad senator and deputy national mandate fulfilled Miguel Angel Giubergia, both political leaders of the province, the need to increase training exchange activities and mutual cooperation for the enhancement of regional tourism development in northwestern Argentina.

Also they participated in the meeting the president of the National Institute Yrigoyeneano, Diego Barovero, the director of the Museum Quinquela Martin, Victor Fernández, and members of the management team of the Tourist Ombudsman.

Fuente: Ombudsman CABA.