The meeting brought together referents from the academic and professional field in which they exposed and analyzed the challenges tending to resolve the conflicts of tourists and air transport users as consumers in times of COVID-19.

The virtual meeting that took place on 30 September had a significant number of participants and was organized by the Executive Direction of Tourist Rights of the Buenos Aires Ombudsman's Office. Their director, Dr.. Cintia Bruno; Dra. Carla cabrosi, adviser on the conduct of Aeronautical Law; The doctor. Noberto Darcy, Undersecretary of Protection and Promotion of Rights of the Buenos Aires Ombudsman's Office; Dra. Sandra Arcos, institutional advisor to the Argentine Federation of Travel and Tourism Business Associations and the Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies of the City of Buenos Aires; Lic Marcela Falivelli, LATAM Customer Service Deputy Manager in Argentina; Mr. Marcelo medero, Head of the ORSNA User Experience Department; Lic. Gabriela Maffucci, who works in the Users area of ​​the ORSNA; Lic. Guadalupe Guerrero, General Director of Tourism Development of the Tourism Entity of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; the Lic. Alejandro Lopez, responsible for accessible tourism in the executive management of tourist rights of the Buenos Aires Ombudsman's Office and director and founder of the Accessible Tourism Network.

Within the main axes they expanded on: the tourist and user of air transport as consumers and consumer relations; Alternative dispute resolution methods for claims arising from restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic; description of the usual claims filed with the Tourist Ombudsman during the Pandemic;¨COVID-19: LATAM's Response to the Health Emergency and the Challenge of Transformation; protocol for the restart of airport activity at EZEIZA airport; BA Ready: the role of COVID protocols 19 in the tourist reactivation in the city; Covid-19 protocols applied to Accessible Tourism.

Invitation to the Conference