About us

Front Office CentralThe Tourist Ombudsman is a specialized area of ​​the Ombudsman of the CABA, creada en el año 2004. Hace 10 años que la Defensoría del Turista informa, accompanies and assists the tourist.

The activity developed by the Tourist Ombudsman is avaladapor Law No. CABA 3/1997 Published in the B.O. CABA No. 394 which creates the Ombudsman of CABA. And by Resolution No. 362 / LCBA 13 designates a second time José Francisco Palmiotti as Deputy Ombudsman of the CABA in charge of the Tourist Ombudsman.

Its legal support tool is the Constitution of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires raised Equal Rights: Turista/Viajero es igual a un Ciudadano. De aquí el slogan “Un turista, Un porteño”.

La figura del Defensor del Pueblo adjunto y Defensor del Turista de la CABA controla que los entes bajo su ámbito cumplan con sus deberes y obligaciones de acuerdo a la Carta Orgánica y todas las leyes vigentes en la República Argentina y representa los intereses de los vecinos, visitantes y turistas de la Ciudad.

José Francisco Palmiotti is the Ombudsman's tourist Buenos Aires and with legal professionals, tourism professionals and advise bilingual employees, report and can be consulted for claims management, conflicts or simply order to learn about a particular topic related to the tourism sector. Both residents and visitors of our city can approach each of our offices located in the main tourist corridors 10 a 18 H.

What do we do

Pursuing these objectives, la Defensoría del Turista::


on rights, guarantees and obligations of tourists City or in Argentina.


Provide information to tourists to channel their questions and concerns for the fastest and most effective ways.


At the request of the tourist or to the existence of a law or constitutional guarantee violated, we can move the concern using it, the faster communication pathways that are within our reach. The most common are efforts being made to hotels, travel agency, passenger transport companies in general and businesses.

Drift and accompanies:

When the query or complaint the passenger exceeds our powers as Tourist Ombudsman / Ombudsman Tourism, or the steps taken for the benefit of tourists end without a satisfactory result for the same, the case is transferred to the appropriate local or national organizations, to which tracks are kept informed and tourist.

Open performances:

This procedure consists of making recommendations to government agencies and private companies or individuals. These become valid background to prosecute.


Design communication strategies to promote awareness of the public about the rights and guarantees of tourists in the city and the incorporation of good behavior and hospital practices.