Inform, not be alarmed

Clear your doubts and concerns about the Student Tourism

For decades, Argentina is tradition in travel marketing prom or graduates through which students celebrating the completion of primary or secondary school year.

Since 2010, the Tourist Ombudsman is contributing member to the National Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children, And Adolescents in Travel and Tourism. As such, cooperate in the dissemination and application of the principles listed by the Code for the prevention of sexual exploitation, labor and trafficking; as well as the comprehensive protection of the rights of all children, And Adolescents in Travel and Tourism.

The main objective is to accompany families throughout the process must go through in deciding the realization of a graduation trip and inform them and prevent them on all issues relating to a project like this.

For this reason, In March, It was launched at the "Annual Student Tourism Campaign 2019" aimed at students in 3rd, 4and 5th year to public and private secondary schools in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. This consists of briefings, prospectus delivery to students and parents and a web portal: to gather all the necessary information you should be aware of the "graduation trip".

In the talks the issues, in general, they are addressed : the law applicable to student tourism travel, requirements for agencies to market these trips, models and contract requirements, individual membership of each Contracting, student tourism fund, zero quota, insurance agencies should be, cancellation policy and its consequences, the requirements they have to meet the coordinators and assistants, among others.

For those schools who can not arrange a conversation with the Public Defender's porteña Tourist you can also access the website containing all information collected on the subject. This was intended as a tool to facilitate them and their parents the information necessary for them to move smoothly that experience.

schools, Parents and students wishing to coordinate a talk with the Tourist Ombudsman can be contacted through their website: or social networks (@turismojoven or

Both locals and visitors to our city can approach each of our offices located in major tourist areas. Specialized personnel, in different languages, is open Monday to Sunday, with the mission to protect and guarantee the rights of hundreds of foreign tourists and inside the country who visit us daily.

Tourist Ombudsman from working in defense promotion and protection of the rights of tourists. We understand tourism as a right because it established in article 24 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.