II ANNUAL DAY OF TOURISM AND HEALTH: travel assistance and travel insurance.


II ANNUAL DAY OF TOURISM AND HEALTH took place in yesterday and included in this case the issue of travel assistance and travel insurance.

The tourism sector has seen a growth in recent decades with an immense number of people traveling around almost every corner of the planet that generate impact and need to meet their needs. The Ombudsman's porteña tourist affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization promotes responsible tourism with the aim of preventing, raise the awareness traveler so you can be informed.

With the collaboration of outstanding professionals in the field, the day was held at the Bar Association of the Federal Capital was designed to inform the traveler about the difference between the product travel assistance and travel insurance, their coverage, Pre-existing illnesses and raise awareness about the need for every traveler knows the product previously contracted.

The welcoming remarks were given by Deputy Ombudsman Buenos Aires, Dr. Carlos Palmiotti and the Director of the Executive Driving tourist Rights Ombudsman, Dra. Cintia Bruno.

The Deputy Ombudsman stressed that the issue of comprehensive travel assistance is not only useful for the tourism sector but above all it is for the residents of the city. Meanwhile, Executive Director of the Tourist Rights Driving explained why it was decided to address this issue is for the number of cases that have been received requesting information, advice or assistance on the issue.

In the first panel, the National Director of Consumer Defense of Argentina, Dr. Fernando Blanco Mill, He was specifically elaborated on the fragment of the Consumer Protection Act which regulates the existence of unfair terms in contracts unilateral. Secondly, The doctor. Darío Colombaro, medical specialist in Medical Audit and Health Services Manager joy and immunology, was the moderator of the day and deepened the need that the bill aims to establish regulatory framework for the travel assistance services is sanctioned. At the end of exposure, He advised those present that when hiring a comprehensive travel assistance assess: the continent, country region and province that will go, if it exists epidemiological alert, if the traveler has preventive vaccines, If you perform any sport or adventure tourism, pregnancy, If you have pre-existing illnesses or chronic diseases.

Then, The doctor. Eduardo Salvesky, medical specialist in internal medicine, intensive care economy and health management,He tried to explain to the public what are considered pre-existing conditions (Glaucoma, Cancer, hypertension, pacemaker, hearing loss, asthma, HIV osteoporosis, anorexia, bulimia, depressive syndromes, ulcers and pregnancy) and which they are not (acute diseases such as appendicitis, pneumonia, infections, accidents, trauma, those absent when the insurance). In the second part of his presentation he commented on two recommendations from insurers that any traveler must take into consideration when hiring a comprehensive travel assistance:

-There are destinations such as the Schengen area of ​​Europe that require specific coverage amounts and coverage plans for travelers Multidestination.

-There is coverage for a stay of months or another to last one year, there for different types of trips and ages, and if you have preexisting conditions, take any medication and if you are in any treatment.

By last, He recommended to all those traveling being aware of preexisting disease, carry a medical certificate indicating the pre-existing condition that affects you, your blood group and medication should take if any eventuality.

The third panel was led by Dr.. Lilian Beatriz Garcia, a lawyer, teacher and former director of the Institute of Tourism and rights Bar of Lomas de Zamora, He explained about the travel assistance contract, Failure coverage and exclusion.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ambassador, Luis María Sobrón, National Director of Consular Affairs, It expanded on real cases that have touched part, trying to raise awareness of future travelers need each know what the values ​​of health care are in the rest of the world. During his speech exemplified a hospital day in Paris it 2000 euros, however most people buy coverage 12000 Dollars.

Finally, The doctor. Mazzoli, subcoordinator social work, PAMI and Anses of the Public Defender's Porteña Pueblo, He elaborated on the experience of the Ombudsman in resolving such cases and service companies providing travel assistance (Assist Med y Universal Assistence) They explained the different variants of the contracted service delivery.