He was presented the second edition of the Guide to Integral Tourism of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

As part of a new edition of the International Tourism Fair to be carried out in La Rural, la Defensoría del Turista y el Extranjero presentó la segunda edición de la Guía de Turismo Integral de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. Esta iniciativa es producto de la investigación y relevamiento realizado por sus equipos.
El Sr. José Francisco Palmiotti Deputy Ombudsman and Ombudsman Tourist and abroad with Mr.. Gustavo Santos. Minister of Tourism of the Nation, first to have the Comprehensive Tourism Guide Accesibleen FIT- International Tourism Fair of Latin America.
In the auditorium on the day CAME Yesterday, José Palmiotti, Deputy Ombudsman of CABA and defender tourist and abroad, along with Daniel Minbielle, head of the Institute for the Rights of Tourism of the same institution explained as the guide and all material they perform related to accessibility and the reason is distributed by which this guide is different compared to others that have been held in the city.

This guide has been prepared to cooperate with people with permanent disabilities or temporary. It is a necessary tool for everyone to enjoy the city as a tourist destination, with information about sights, museums, theaters and other information of interest. It presents the supply of capital taking into account the information needs of tourists from the point of view of hearing accessibility, physical, visual, for it to report and suits to enjoy the City.

The presentation was accompanied by a sign language interpreter in order to make them reach the whole audience explaining the contents of the guide.
Present at the event defender town of Posadas, The Deputy Ombudsman of San Juan, the holder of the Tourist Ombudsman in Villa Carlos Paz and the chief of staff of the Ombudsman in the nation with the aim of disseminating this project nationwide.