Strengthening ties with the embassies of Britain and Canada

The Tourist Ombudsman of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and representatives of the embassies of Britain and Canada met on Wednesday, with the aim of strengthening inter-institutional relations, work together situations to prevent and resolve conflicts effectively and direct.

La Dra. Cintia Bruno, Program Director of the Tourist Rights, He presented the work of the body, They explained the operation and guidelines in tourism and protection of the rights of tourists. Thus, they discussed the daily work, The objectives in this new management and future projection of the institution.

Lucy Santamarina y Beatriz Medina, Pro Vice Consul and Consul at the British Embassy in Buenos Aires respectively, and Beatriz R. P. Barbaglia, Consular Program Officer Canada, they showed interested in developing and improving outreach materials for the protection of the rights of tourists, since they consider important and useful for improving the tourist experience of their fellow citizens.

Likewise, the creation of a working group with officials from various agencies involved in the protection of tourists on the rights and guarantees raised. While, It was agreed on brochures and publications with useful tips for exploring the destination, oriented guests staying at hotels in the city.

Finally, All officials agreed to create joint meetings between embassies, the Tourist Ombudsman and the various chambers and associations representing the actors involved in tourism to enhance the work for the dissemination, promotion and protection of the rights of tourists visiting the City.