Signing of Agreement for the operation of the Tourist Ombudsman

The Ombudsman signed an agreement to operate the Tourist Ombudsman, which it will operate in the same venue.

17/09/2019 00:00

The institution aims to promote advice and information exchanges, within the framework of tourists' rights and the rights of citizens.

They will participate in the signing of the agreement, the Ombudsman de Tucuman, CPN Fernando Said Juri, the representative of the Ombudsman of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Dr. Carlos Palmiotti, President of the Tucumán Tourism Autonomous Agency, Tec. Sebastián Antonio Giobellina, President of the Chamber of Tourism of Tucumán, Sr. Hector Viñuales and Undersecretary of the Department of Internal Trade of Tucuman, Sr. Pablo Gerardo Zeitune.

The section will be Tuesday at the offices of the Ombudsman, Balcarce 64, hours 8:30.

The main points of it are as follows:

1. Use of institutional spaces for the development of joint activities.

2. Establish and foster relationships with the different stakeholders of the local tourism system, seeking the creation of streamlined procedures for resolving conflicts which may arise during the stay of tourists in the province.

3. Promotion of the rights and guarantees of both domestic and foreign tourists.

4. Activities connected with the exercise of responsible tourism, particularly accessible and sustainable, on the protection of the rights of girls, children and adolescents in travel and tourism.

5. Sensitize the local population about the importance of tourism and the existence of the Tourist Office.