He finished the cruise season 2018-1019

He finished the cruise season 2018-1019 and Terminal "Quinquela" received 294.444 passengers. During the season comprising of 30 October to 6 April made landfall 98 ships, among them, el MSC Fantasía siendo el crucero más grande de la temporada.

Entre las múltiples alternativas de itinerarios los turistas eligieron: Punta del Este, Montevideo, Río de Janeiro, Santos, Itajai, Ilheus, Angra do Reis, Puerto Madryn y Ushuaia.

Thousands of passengers arrived during these five months. And while the terminal staff provides quality service for cruise passengers, inevitablemente se generaron situaciones que debieron ser asistidas por el equipo de la Defensoría del Turista porteña.

A la hora de contratar una estadía en crucero, Several issues must be taken into account to avoid suffering a headache.

First and foremost meet immigration requirements for boarding and entry to each port. Forgetting authorization to travel with children is rife. Even, Keep in mind that once docked in another state or city, legal requirements may differ from where it comes.

Secondly, learn about what times and how to reach each port. It is more common than believed lose the cruise. La empresa de cruceros o la agencia solo informa el horario de salida y no suelen advertir la necesidad de llegar con tres horas de anticipación. There are passengers arriving an hour or an hour and a half before but at that time the cruise ended the possibility of check in. Without solution, lose passages or failing should be moved to the first destination port.

By last, the Tourist Ombudsman recommends paying attention to the rules of each company once on board.

Year after year, the equipment is part of the stand of the cruise terminal is composed of bilingual professionals with experience in the tourism industry and trained to assist people with permanent disabilities or who require temporary.

La Defensoría del Turista asesora, directs and manages the neighbor and tourists about their rights, garantías y obligaciones dentro del ámbito de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires por las vías más rápidas y efectivas.