FEHGRA campaign launches Eating and sleeping safe

The Federation of Hotels and Gastronomy of Argentina (Fehgra ), He started the campaign Safe Eating and sleeping, which aims to raise awareness about consumer issues and risks involved hiring informal offer.

Through different spots that began viralizarse since the beginning of the winter season, the platform will represent situations that may actually arise when hiring, advising take the necessary precautions and always promoting the hiring of secure supply through registered establishments and enabled.

The message emphasizes user safety not only from the point of view of their health and physical integrity, but also in various aspects such as the hiring, the effective implementation of passenger registration and other arrangements, the quality of foodstuffs, the copyrighted work, responsibility to a possible problem that the consumer may have, among others.

To know the spots, it must enter the site Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ComeryDormirSeguro/