G20 meeting consumers

It was developed in the legislature and attended by leading figures.

On Tuesday 14 It was developed in the port Legislature G20 Consumer Summit, a summit that aims to meet consumers G20, and which he had outstanding figures:

  • Gerd Billen, Secretary of State for Consumer Protection of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection of Germany
  • Miguel Braun, Commerce Secretary Argentina
  • Esteban Greco, President National Commission for antitrust
  • José Palmiotti Ombudsman

There were eight thematic raised in the day:

  1. Vulnerability in the digital world
  2. Children's Internet Protection
  3. Industry initiatives
  4. Regulatory responses
  5. Challenges insurance products
  6. Warning Systems
  7. Impact of consumption on the environment
  8. Consumer Education

For more details, You can check how was the complete schedule here: G20 CONSUMER SUMMIT – FINAL AGENDA

Fuente: Urban News