Swedish Embassy: Broadcasting and work

Authorities requested the Swedish Embassy to meet with the authorities of the Tourist Ombudsman following contact had already been generated from the case of Christoffer Perrson, to expedite and encourage professional dynamic exchange more formally and.
In this frame, the authorities of both institutions: Asa Bergman Amadío, First secretary; Linda Kotschack, Swedish Embassy;Dr. Carlos Palmiotti, Defender of the People's Deputy Porteño; Cindy Barnoin and Daniel Minbielle, mutually they agreed to work, given the need to channel concerns the Embassy of the Ombudsman's tourist quickly and effectively.
Consular officials explained the functioning of the Embassy with the services they can provide and their limitations due to Swedish law.
The Ombudsman suggested that the Embassy Tourist consider creating a temporary passport in case of theft or robbery as a Swedish citizen can access and help solve specific situations.
Además, the Ombudsman committed in the tourist send them by mail:
– your passport rights, to analyze the possibility of creating a possible version for the Swedish embassy.
– Send the link to your website with the PDF brochure of all venues, to be posted on its web.