The Consul of Italy met with the team of the Tourist Ombudsman

The Tourist Office of the City of Buenos Aires met yesterday with the Consul of Italy in Buenos Aires, The doctor. Antonio Puggioni, with the aim of exchanging experiences in times of coronavirus and talking about post-pandemic tourism. This meeting is part of the task that the Buenos Aires organization has been carrying out through direct communication with diplomats from consulates and embassies of different countries in the city..

The Tourist Ombudsman team was made up of Dr.. Cintia Bruno, Director of the Executive Management of Tourist Rights; Lic. Cindy Barnoin, Operational Coordinator of Development and Dissemination of Tourist Rights, and the advisers in law and tourism: Dra. Mariela Saleh, Dra. Florencia Dadic, Lic. Giselle Negri and Dra. Mercedes Adrogué.

During the meeting, issues related to the current problem that afflicts us were discussed. Position From the Ombudsman's Office it was exposed about certain cases received as, por ejemplo, of claims for tourist packages and canceled flights.

From the consulate, they explained what the current situation in Italy is regarding tourism and reported that their government publishes a biweekly or monthly decree prepared by epidemiologists presenting the list of countries authorized to enter Italy., in addition to those that make up the European Union who can circulate freely in it. The new decree will be published as of 15 October, where the situation of each country in particular in relation to coronavirus infections will be analyzed.

Nowadays, Argentina is one of the countries authorized for its fellow citizens to travel to Italy, but only for family reasons, work or study, leaving aside the tourists. The protocol requires completing and submitting a form upon arrival in Italy. For more information, it is recommended to visit the following website:

Regarding the claims, The doctor. Puggioni warned that the regulations of the European Union are strict, whereby, no specific measure was implemented by Covid-19. Thus, airlines must repay the money within a maximum period of one year.

On the other hand, the work carried out between the Tourist Ombudsman's Office and the previous management of the Consulate in reference to the document “Passport to your Rights- Passport to Your Rights ", which was carried out with the main objective of strengthening ties between Argentina and Italy, and establish a direct connection between both institutions to guarantee a satisfactory stay for Italian tourists visiting the City of Buenos Aires. The participants of the meeting agreed to reformulate the "Passport to Your Rights" and add regulations related to tourists as consumers and their rights within the territory of the City of Buenos Aires and the country.. As well, It was decided to reinforce the health section to place greater emphasis on this issue given the global circumstances.

Además, the importance of disseminating useful information to Italian tourists visiting our country was agreed, from the different online channels. Although the website of the Italian Embassy already has an access link to that of the Ombudsman's Office, The Consul promised to request the link to the website of the Tourist Ombudsman's Office from the Crisis Unit of the Italian Government.