They seek to strengthen the Tourist Ombudsman in Misiones

Minister of Tourism of Misiones, José María Arrúa received this morning the Defensor del Turista Buenos Aires, José Palmiotti. The meeting is to agree lines work together to enhance the Tourist Ombudsman in Misiones. It will work together with the Ombudsman of Posadas, Alejandro Cohen.

Palmiotti in Misiones

The meeting reviewed the existing agreements between the Ministry of Tourism Missions and Tourist Ombudsman of Buenos Aires were ratified. Arrúa stressed the importance of publicizing the rights of tourists and to ensure they can receive help and advice during their stay in the province for any inconvenience they have.

Palmiotti highlighted the importance of tourism in generating income to the exchequer. He said that in Buenos Aires 2 decade 10 formal jobs are in the tourism sector and revenue leaving the country a typical family stay for a week is equivalent to revenue giving export a car.

The Buenos Aires official valued continue working in Misiones, which it is the second destination of foreign tourists. He said that our country guarantees that every foreign visitor will have the same rights as a resident in the country.

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