Argentina | Tourism Security Bureau was formed

The Argentina Chamber of Tourism together with the Ministry of National Security, the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation; el Tourism Entity of the City of Buenos Aires and the Ombudsman, constituted this day the Tourist Security Mesa. It is a space for consensus and coordination of security actions at national level related to the tourism sector.

The meeting, which it was held this morning at the headquarters of the Argentina Chamber of Tourism It was headed by President, Aldo Elías; the Secretary, Marcelo Garcia; the prosecretario, Daniel Manzella; and the manager of the entity, Eleonora Boano. On behalf of the Ministry of Security participated Enrique Thomas, Federal Secretary of Security Management and Advisory Secretariat, Patricia Glize.

By the Ministry of Tourism attended by Undersecretary of Innovation, Pablo Casals; and María Inés Guaita, Director of Tourism Training. From the Ente Turismo of the City of Buenos Aires, chief of staff, Alina González; and the Ombudsman, el Tourist defender, José Palmiotti and Daniel Minbielle; while, Manuel Novo, Gremial Commerce Secretary participated on behalf of the Federation of Commerce and Industry of the City of Buenos Aires.

"From the need to provide a security framework conducive to the development of tourism throughout the country we engage dialogue with different entities and eventually move into the constitution of the Tourist Security Mesa. In this space the various problems affecting the sector from the field of tourism security will be discussed ", Aldo said Elias.

Likewise, Tourism Security officers seek to articulate policies tourist security at national and provincial level. "It is the first instance from which the public and private sectors seek to establish a diagnosis of the situation and then prop up certain lines of action to accompany tourism development in our country", He added the president of the CAT.  

Fuente: Latitud2000