Argentina celebrates National Water Day.


In 1970 the 31 March as National Water Day, by Resolution NO 1630/70 of the Ministry of Public Works and Services of the Nation at that time. The objective was to emphasize the importance of the water resources of our country, to promote not only a rational consumption and a balanced use, but also to avoid deterioration.


The celebration of this "National Water Day" constitutes a call to care and responsibility in the use and conservation of water resources, looking for solutions with a comprehensive vision, for its fundamental contribution to the development of the country, and for the benefit of future generations.


Water is essential for plants, animals and humans. Nevertheless, is a limited resource, fragile and vulnerable. Little more than 70 percent of the earth is covered by water. Of that total, little more than 97 percent is salt water present in oceans and seas; and less than 3 percent is fresh water, that is to say, suitable for human consumption.


That is why the awareness and rationalization of water is essential for everyone's life.

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